Don’t Judge People By Their Look!!! (APRIL ISSUE)


Find Out The Truth Behind!!! because we are curious……


One day while I was driving along the road which I used to pass everyday during my secondary days,

I recall again when I noticed they again… so plan to documentary them & being follow them for 3 days…

Every 3-4pm the elder brother will fetch his 2 younger sisters to have a round at Penang Road…


A family who lost their parents at their early age, luckily they got their living by getting the monthly Insurance Claiming every beginning of the month….

Usually when you judge them by their look… no doubt you will feel like they might have mentally problems… but indeed they really can’t accept the truth when their parents passed away while they were young….



I got all this truth by visiting their neighbor …. so as above is the ending shots of the photo story….


Just to discover more on my daily life… to understand how our life are much appreciated if we do not love ourselves….




Flooding In Penang (February + March Issue 2012)

This is how our flooding visit us during Heavy rain season in Early February & March this year!!! i was shocked out that seeing the rain non-stop & get up myself & my sweetie (wifey) to meet the flood in town!!!….

Its hysical damage which damage to structures, such as bridges, buildings and roadways…

Usually beginning of every year, we will have this disaster happening on our Penang Town Area,

cause during heavy rain, the water cannot rapidly dissipate thru the drain…


After all, this motivating me to share with our frens who stay in Penang,

Pls GO GREEN!!! and CARE for our Environment!!!

CNY Cultural & Heritage Celebration 2012

It’s about 20,000 people present for the CNY Cultural & Heritage Celebration,

for this 2012 Dragon Year, it’d been fallen on the 29th Jan 2012,

for myself, I had covered every year of this happening crowded events but this year i have special certain idea

to documentary it as part of The Story of Penang…


btw… i’d love to share with the world of my home sweet home Penang aka Pearl of the Orient!!!